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- Established 2016 -

Pre-High School Math Workshops for Grades 7 and 8 students

January Workshops are Opened for Registration

Many parents and children are worrying about the transition from elementary to secondary school. Many students experience difficulties in secondary schooling, and often towards mathematics. Difficult transitions to high school can lead to disengagement, lowered self-confidence and motivation.

M+ Education offers Math Workshops that are intended for Grades 7 and 8 students who want to prepare themselves for Grade 9 math. Our workshops address students some of the most common misconceptions involving rational numbers and algebra, introduce algebra techniques to solve word problems, and allow students to make connections between equations and real life applications. By the end of the workshop, students are expected to deal with the materials they will be facing in the upcoming school year.

Who we are?

M+ Education offers customized learning solutions for students who intend to achieve academic success in the areas of mathematics, science and computer science.

We discover the potential of each individual through inspiration and motivation. We focus on developing the individual's critical thinking, analytic and problem solving skills, which are fundamental in pursuing future studies in mathematics, science and computer science.

Hall of Fame

G. Siu

Siu is a dedicated student who has entered Computer Engineering at Waterloo with a 95% average. Congratulations.

L. Wong

Wong is definitely one of the best students Mr. Ching has met. Her average got boosted from a mid 80 to over 90 in one year. She has entered Engineering at McMaster University. Congratulations.

N. Tan

Tan is hardworking and always 100% prepared prior to classes. She entered Life Science at York University with over 95% average. Excellent Work.

J. Zhu

Zhu has been awarded the Top Score Award in the Gauss Contest (Grade 7) in his school this year. Amazing Work.