About Us

Message from the Principal

Over the years, we have developed a caring and supportive school culture at M+ Education that aims to provide the highest standards of education services to our children in the neighbourhood. We believe that communication is the key to success. It is important for me and my staffs to connect personally with our students, to know who they are and what they need.

I am proud of working with a team of passionate educators who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all students are offered the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We help students to reach their academic goals and more importantly we help them to acquire a set of learning skills that ensure their continual success in colleges, universities and their future careers.

We are dedicated to working with you to help support your child’s academic enhancement. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Peter Ching, OCT

Founder of M+ Education

M+ Uniqueness

Knowing Your Child

Knowing the strengths and learning preferences of your child is our top priority. The first step of your child's learning journey with M+ Education is the teacher-parent-student interview. During the interview, we discuss the learning goals and layout a customized learning solution for your child.

Make Learning Meaningful

Feeling no connection to the teacher or left behind in school? We heard many reasons why your child may feel disengaged. Our role as the mentor is to fill the missing gap by providing your child a supportive learning environment that can promote trust, self-confidence and eventual success in school.

Meet Your Future Need

Textbook may become outdated in today's rapidly evolving world, but not skills. We reinforce our students' problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. We also focus on your child's learning styles and studying habits in order to make learning more effective.