Ontario Credit Courses

Ontario Credit Courses

M+ Education is proud to partner with Canadian Higher Learning Academy (CHLA) to offer domestic and international students Ontario high school credits. CHLA is an online private high school, which has been given permission to grant OSSD credits. In addition to the online platform, M+ provides in-class offline support to students who have registered for the credit courses offered by CHLA.

Courses Offered by CHLA

Grade 10

ENG2D English

MPM2D Math

Grade 11

SPH3U Physics

SBI3U Biology

SCH3U Chemistry

MCR3U Functions

ENG3U English

Grade 12

BBB4M International Business

CLN4U Canadian and International Law

CGW4U World Issues

BOH4M Business Leadership

MDM4U Data Management

SPH4U Physics

CIA4U Current Economic Issues

BBB4M International Business

SBI4U Biology

SCH4U Chemistry

MCV4U Calculus and Vectors

MHF4U Advanced Functions

ENG4U English


Is there any difference between courses offered by CHLA and other schools?

CHLA is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is qualified to grant OSSD credits. There is no difference between the credits earned at CHLA and the ones earned in other public and private schools in Ontario. Universities and colleges will not view these courses as any difference from other credits.

How long does it take to complete a course?

According to the ministry's requirement, student needs to spend at least 110 hours to complete a course. Student has up to 10 months to complete the course.

Who will be my teacher?

Each student will be assigned a teacher who will answer questions and grade assessments. Student uses the Moodle System to submit assignments and communicate with the teacher?

How can I register for the course?

Complete the contact form and we will contact you shortly after to address your questions.