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Joint After School Math Programs at Huahua Fencing Center

M+ Education is proud to collaborate with the largest Fencing Center in Markham, Huahua Fencing, a Best Fencing Club Award Winner, to offer students after school math and science programs at the center.

Programs Offered

Please see the schedules below.

  1. IB Math Preparation (Grades 6 - 8)
  2. Pre-IB Math (Grades 9 - 10)
  3. IB First Year (Grade 11)
  4. Math Contest (Grades 7 - 10)
  5. Private Tutoring Programs (Contact Us)

Special Offer for Existing Huahua Fencing Students

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Huahua Fencing Schedule

Math Courses

IB Math Preparation Course (Grades 6 - 8)

  • If your child is planning to apply for the IB Program in Grade 9, this course is excellent for your child. This course is for high performing and independent students who want to explore new ideas. The focus of this course is the development of skills related to rational numbers, order of operations, prime factorization, exponents, algebra, solving equations, angles, measurement, volume and surface area of different prisms and pyramids, percentage and ratio.

Pre-IB Math Course (Grades 9 - 10)

  • Starting the IB can seems like a big challenge. This course is for students who want to solidify their math skills. The focus of this course is the development of skills related to algebra, rearranging variables, measurement, and relations and functions and their application to problem solving. It will include the study of concepts in measurement, trigonometry, linear functions, function notation and systems of equations to provide the skills required for the future courses.

IB First Year Course (Grade 11)

  • This course is for students who wish to enter post-secondary studies that require calculus like mathematics, engineering or business programs. The course continues the study of trigonometry, functions and relations as well as permutations, combinations and binomial theorems.

Huahua Fencing Center Location and Contact

39 Riviera Drive, Unit 8

Markham, ON

647-241-9829 (English)

647-241-9828 (中文)